Highest Paying Jobs in Australia 2024

Highest Paying Jobs in Australia 2024 : In Australia there are many lucrative jobs that a lot of students and graduates aren’t aware of. The highest paying jobs in Australia and their salary average, might encourage you to change jobs, whether you’ve worked in the field or not.

There are many lucrative, high-paying jobs that pay well without having a degree. Here is listed the most popular occupations in high demand in Australia for foreigners as well as residents, irrespective of whether you prefer the remote or a high-paying office job.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that the Australian Tax Office has released an overview of the most lucrative jobs in Australia as well as the average wage for each. It is possible to select from the options the sector or career path you want to follow.


Australia is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, rich heritage of culture as well as the abundance of high-paying jobs. The Australian work market will be addressed throughout this post, putting focus on the highest-paying sectors and the necessary qualifications to be successful in them.

Australia’s Economic Environment

It is essential to know the economic situation before deciding to enter a specific field. The path to a successful career in Australia is easy because of the country’s solid economy and strong job market. Opportunities for jobs that pay well shift with the changing of the nation.

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

In not in any particular order, these are the most sought-after careers, with average pay rates that can be found everywhere in Australia:

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1. Anesthetists

Specialists in the administration of anesthesia to patients who are undergoing surgical procedures or other medical procedures are referred to as anesthetists. They play a crucial function in making sure that patients are properly relaxed and do not feel discomfort during procedures for medical purposes.


Average Salary: $192,816

2. Finance Director

The highest-ranking executives of the company who are responsible for the company’s finances are referred to as director of Finance. They create financial strategies, evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies, and provide advice on how to make smart financial decisions to help the company achieve its goals.

Average Salary: $166,068

3. General Surgeon

General surgeons are doctors who operate on patients to treat a variety of medical ailments. They could specialize in abdominal, vascular and trauma surgery, in addition to other areas of expertise.

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Average Salary: $160,000

4. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

CEOs are the highest-ranking executives who oversee the company’s operations and make strategic decisions. They are accountable in the general direction as well as performance of the company. They define objectives and oversee efficient resource management.

Average Salary: $155,631

5. Senior Information Technology (IT) Project Manager

Large-scale IT project control and management are the responsibility of top IT project supervisors. They make sure that the tasks are completed on time, within the budget, according to schedule and in line with the established guidelines.


Average Salary: $143,463

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6. Director of Operations

The daily management of a business is the job of top executives, who are referred to as directors of Operations. Their main responsibilities are to ensure that the business is able to meet its goals, overseeing the policy’s compliance, and increasing efficiency of operations.

Average Salary: $143,463

7. Python Developer

Software engineers who have a deep understanding of the language of computers Python are often referred to by the name of Python developers. They create, design and maintain software applications as well as systems, applications, and apps.

Average Salary: $126,436

8. Psychiatrist

A doctor who is skilled in the treatment, diagnosis, or prevention of mental illness is called a psychiatrist. They may mix medication therapies, psychotherapy, and other methods to help patients.

Average Salary: $125,762

9. Senior Lawyer

Senior Lawyers, also referred to as Senior Attorneys are experienced attorneys who have extensive knowledge across a range of practice areas. They are able to supervise legal teams, assist clients with advice and assist with difficult legal issues.

Average Salary: $124,759

10. Wellbeing Manager

The overall health and well-being of their workers is something that well-being professionals try to boost and improve. They are responsible for implementing programs and initiatives to improve people’s physical, emotional, social and physical health.


Average Salary: $123,510

11. System Architect

The architecture of large computer systems and layout are created and built by IT experts, also known as systems architects. They make sure that the systems meet the company’s technical and functional specifications.

Average Salary: $120,668

12. Mining Engineer

Mining engineers are highly skilled professionals who develop, design and oversee mining operations to extract elements from Earth. They are accountable for the safety and effectiveness of mining companies.


Average Salary: $120,001

13. Orthodontist

Dental professionals who are skilled in finding, preventing and correcting misaligned teeth as well as cheeks are called orthodontists. They employ braces or aligners and other instruments to correct the position of teeth.

Average Salary: $111,903

14. Cybersecurity Engineer

The role of cybersecurity engineers who are IT experts are to secure computers, systems and data from cyber-attacks. They tackle security concerns and establish security protocols.

Average Salary: $95,000

15. Data Scientist

Data scientists study and interpret large amounts of data in order to find relevant information that can aid in decision-making for companies. They use algorithms, code and statistics to analyze the data.

Average Salary: $92,450


16. Commercial Pilot

Pilots who fly and control aircraft for various reasons, like carrying cargo or passengers is known as commercial pilots. They must adhere to strict safety rules and regulations to ensure that their flights are safe.

Average Salary: $91,713

17. Surgeon

Specialists who have a lot of experience and training who carry out procedures to treat injuries, illnesses or physical problems are referred to as surgeons. They may specialize in either cardiac or orthopedic surgery, for instance.

Average Salary: $394,303

18. Consulting and Strategy

Consultants and strategists offer knowledge and advice to assist firms achieve better results, overcome challenges and achieve their goals. They study how companies function and offer sound advice.

Average Salary: $126,000

19. Accounting Company Secretaries

Accounting Firm Secretaries manage the management of accounting firm documentation and make sure that they adhere to the rules. They may assist a business in filing their documents, keeping documents, and ensuring that it is in compliance with all legal requirements.

Average Salary: $128,641

20. Financial Dealers

Financial Brokers also referred as Traders, buy and sell bonds, stocks and other commodities on behalf of their customers or businesses. To earn money they trade, while keeping in mind the status in the marketplace.

Average Salary: $261,008


  • Education and Skill Development Learn about relevant training and build marketable skills. This could include pursuing the completion of a degree, getting the certification or an experience in a specific sector.
  • Technology and Innovation Salary packages for jobs in the tech sector tend to be competitive. Consider disciplines such as software development, data science, AI, and IT.
  • Healthcare Professionals Medical professionals who have a high income potential include surgeons, doctors and specialists.
  • Engineering Engineers can earn large sums of money, notably in areas such as mining, software engineering and petroleum.
  • Financial and management High-paying jobs are typically linked to career opportunities in finance, investment banking and management positions.
  • Legal professions Legal professionals and attorneys are able to earn substantial salaries in particular those who specialization in business law and other special areas.
  • Resources and Mining: Australia boasts a sizable mining industry. The positions in this field can be extremely lucrative particularly in management and specialized fields.
  • Consulting The opportunity to earn a high salary is open to management consultants as well as experts in a variety of fields.

What should you think about when you are submitting the Australian work application

As a recent graduate, or an seeking a job as an undergraduate in Australia You should consider the following elements:

  • Workplace adaptability
  • Additionally, the corporate culture
  • Also the amount of money you’ll earn
  • Apart from that, there are several alternatives for learning
  • In addition work-place stability

There are plenty of lucrative jobs in Australia for people of all levels of professional. These jobs that range from anesthetists to financial traders are among the top-demanding jobs across Australia. For a better understanding of career advancement or changes in your job be aware of these positions. If you don’t have an academic degree, here are a few intriguing and lucrative options for career advancement for those who want to have an exciting future.

Frequently Asked Questions : Highest Paying Jobs in Australia 2024

Does it take a lot of effort to find a job Australia?

Australia is a vibrant and cosmopolitan country with a lot of diversity. The country’s 3.7 percent percentage of unemployment makes the country more attractive. With a low rate of unemployment those seeking jobs have a greater chance of getting a job due to the increased opportunities to be found.

Does a person from outside submit an application for work Australia?

You can enjoy the life you want in the event that you travel to Australia via the skilled visa. You may apply for permanent residency at a later time using the help of an Australian skilled visa.





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