Quebec stands out as one of the largest provinces in Canada, where Francophone culture has been meticulously preserved since colonial times. The inhabitants proudly consider French their mother tongue, infusing every aspect of life with an unmistakable French charm and a touch of casual elegance. This province annually draws millions of global travelers who are captivated by the enchanting nature of national parks, pristine lakes and rivers, the evocative ambiance of its colonial past, excellent ski centers, and a plethora of unique natural, historical, and modern attractions. In this guide, we present various tourist destinations in Quebec tailored to different preferences for active leisure.

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Canadian Historical Museum

For those enamored with cultural history, the Canadian Historical Museum, located just west of Quebec in Gatineau, is a must-visit. The museum offers a rich exploration of Canada’s human history and multicultural roots. Visitors can delve into the histories of the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest, the exploits of Norwegian sailors, and various other cultures and civilizations. The Canadian Museum of History also houses the Canadian Children’s Museum, a popular attraction for families, ensuring each member finds something of interest to engage with.

Forillon National Park

Nature enthusiasts, seeking active pursuits and serene walks through rugged landscapes, should include Forillon National Park on their itinerary. Situated at the head of the Gasp√© Peninsula in Quebec, on the south bank of the Saint Lawrence River, this national park is the region’s first. The park’s diverse landscape includes forests, coastlines, marshes, dunes, limestone cliffs, and the Appalachia, forming a unique and breathtaking environment. Once a hunting and fishing preserve for indigenous people, the park now offers stunning views, with highlights including a visit to the Cap des Rosiers lighthouse and the opportunity to spot wildlife, particularly whales.

Old Quebec :

For those who relish strolling through historic streets, Old Quebec beckons. This historic district, founded in 1608, boasts unique monuments unseen elsewhere. Divided into Upper Town and Lower Town, the former served as a political and religious center, while the latter housed artisans and merchants. The iconic Quebec Fortress, constructed from the 17th to the 19th century, stands as the main symbol of the old town. Today, the area hosts numerous tourist attractions and luxury hotels, making Quebec the sole North American city to fully preserve its historic district in its original form.


Quebec, with its distinctive culture and personality, stands as a unique Canadian province. It seamlessly blends the modern world’s vibrancy with the timeless allure of traditional streets. Whether you’re a gambling enthusiast or fascinated by the evolution of civilizations, exploring the diverse tourist destinations in Quebec ensures an enriching and never dull experience.

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