ww16.pickentt.com has an average to high trust score. Why?

Pickentts : It seems like ww16.pickentt.com is legit and safe to use. It is not a fraudulent website.
The feedback for ww16.pickentt.com is positive. The score for trust is result of the automated evaluation of 40 distinct data sources we have inspected online, including the technology employed, the address of the business, any other websites on the same server, etc.

Websites with a score of more than 80% are generally safe to use, with 100 percent being extremely safe. We strongly advise you to conduct your own research on every website you are planning to shop, or even leave your contact information. There have been instances in which criminals have purchased trustworthy websites. Use our guide “How to recognize a scam website” to develop your own opinions.

Positive points

Based on the SSL check, the certificate is valid according to the SSL check.

DNSFilter believes this website to be as safe

Flashstartdid not discover any malware associated with phishing or other phishing activity.

Negative highlights

The owner of the site has hidden his identity via WHOIS by using a paid-for service.

The website doesn’t receive many visitors.

Many scammers and spammers use the same registration

Complete Review ww16.pickentt.com

Company Evaluation

The website’s owner is not revealing his identity. Spammers utilize this information to market their services to owners of websites. The owners of websites have the option to conceal their contact information. However, it could also be used to deceive fraudsters. Our algorithm awards high marks when it is clear who the webmaster is displayed.

Webshop Evaluation

In our analysis, we always examine our Tranco ranking. In this case, it was very low. A low Tranco rank means that the site has very few visitors. A new website’s ranking is quite normal. Similar is the case for websites that are highly specialized. If a website declares itself to be major company or a popular website, then warning flags must be flagged.

Technical Evaluation

We make sure to check whether other websites are registered with the same company that the website is registered with. In this instance, we have discovered that the registrar has been hosting a lot of websites with an extremely low or low review scores. This could be due to a coincidence however it could be due to a lack of “Know your customer” processes at the domain registration bureau. The trust score of the site has been lowered.

We discovered an authentic SSL Certificate. A valid SSL certificate helps to ensure the security of the communication between your personal computer and website. There are several degrees in SSL certification. An unpaid one is available, and it is commonly used by scammers online. But, having no SSL certificate is far worse than having one. This is especially true in the event that you must enter your personal information.

Is Pickentts Legit?

It is unclear if this website is in doubt, given the content copied righted. Legal websites are based on a variety of factors, including SSL certificate, reviews owner information, contact address, and more. However, if it’s about Pickentts the website isn’t legal since there is no owner information and when we looked at WHOIS records, we couldn’t find locate anything. This means that this is no longer a legitimate site.

Is Pickentts Real?

The information available on the site is not duplicate content. The website doesn’t offer its own information. All the images, details and reviews are false. If we look at the policy page, there isn’t a policy page to be found, which means that the website is not selling any goods or services, or the site is not genuine.

Is Pickentts Scam?

Do you want to know about Pickentts scam? Yes the website that is a scam has no information on the owner and also reviews are fake. We recommend against using the website to purchase an item.

Do I have the ability to purchase products through Pickentts?

In the site, you will find several products to choose from if you are looking to purchase something, the site is not able to provide the actual products. In addition, if you place an order, the website takes money to you, but it does not provide the product. Don’t be frightened and go with a site such as Pickentts in the event that you wish to buy something. Instead, use an authentic website such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and many more.

Information Pickentts

Website Name: Pickentts

Email id: Not Available

Company Address: Not Available

Contact No: Not Available

Registration Domain On: 2022-12-09

Social Media Controls: Not Available

Shipping Option: Not Available

Terms of Return and Exchange:14 days after the acceptance of the item

Social Media Controls: Not Available

Our thoughts on Pickentts

Shopping at fraudulent stores could be frustrating and stressful because these stores sell products for sale at bargain prices, and also steal customers’ money as well as personal data. In addition, they don’t ship your item to your destination. When you’re talking about Pickentts it’s also one of the sites where you don’t have to read any feedback or reviews on other websites. It appears to be a less very well-known store among other.

Risky Country Location

Make sure to check to see if Pickentt.shop locates in one of the risky countries

The site may be in a non-risky location.

This checkbox determines if a web shop’s owner could be found in China.

There’s nothing wrong with it for a website that is located in China however, a lot of counterfeit shops are hosted in China.

We have added this information solely to let you are aware of this.

Domain Email Address

Verify if Pickentt.shop has set up an email address

The website has set up an email address for its domain.

A website shop must include a domain-specific email address set up.

For instance, website.com should have configured its own email address, for example d6******225@2***1.com

It’s not a major issue since websites could utilize emails from different domains.

However, it’s an important thing you must be aware of.

A Case of Identity Crisis

First of all, a legitimate website should provide basic details about the proprietor. Pickentti shop however, is just more difficult to identify than the chameleon in an event that changes colors.

Owner information not available? That’s a red alert as big as the size of a blanket for the beach my dear friends. And in case you’re thinking, the reviews on the website are more fake than a palm tree made of plastic. More on that later.

The Trust Score is Lower Than Low

If we were to evaluate Pickentti.shop’s trust score as a trust score, it would be in the same league as the average film villain. It’s not the cool, stylish kind.

It’s the dirty, low-cost kind of no-good. In simple terms it’s you can say that the Trust Score of the site is low. It is lower than the limbo stick during a limbo game.

Social Media Ghost Town

Social media is where companies showcase, engage with customers, and generally make themselves appear more stylish than they actually are. This isn’t the case when it comes to Pickentts shop.

There are no social media links or shares, just there’s nothing. It’s like turning up at the party only to discover that you’re not the only one there. This is a major red flag.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Have you ever attempted to visit the website of your choice and got the dreadful page not found message? This is Pickentti shop’s gist. The site is as obscure like a ninja during the night, and attempting to load the site is futile.

Real Life Sob Stories ( Don’t Get Scammed! )

Are you looking for real-world examples of people using Pickentt? We’ve got you covered. As in a film where the protagonist doesn’t win at the final, these are the stories of the unfortunate souls who were victims of The Pickentti fraud.

Furniture Fiasco

One user relates their horror experience of purchasing furniture through Pickentti.shop. A year later they’re lying on the floor, eating food from the cardboard box. Numerous attempts to reach the mysterious Pickentti shop weren’t nearly as effective in attempting to train a cat how to catch.

Sewing Machine Scandal

Another user shares their story of woe that involved an Singer Sewing Machine model #4452. It’s true that they were stitched in the most literal sense. They paid $56.20 however, the machine they purchased was as real as the unicorn.

Walk Away From the Light

All Pickentti shop is stealing are the wallets of innocent online customers. It’s a fraud, clear and straightforward. If you’re on the web in the early hours of the early morning be aware that not everything that glitters is pure gold. And Pickentti.shop?

It’s a lot like fool’s gold. Make sure you save your money, your sanity, and more importantly, you will be able to avoid the sadness of a depleted mailbox. Be safe, shoppers!

FAQs About Picknetts

Is Picknetti shop legit?

Nope! Picketti Shop isn’t a legitimate online store to buy from and furthermore, the website isn’t even online anymore. Therefore, don’t bother trying to find this website.

What year was the date that picknetti’s website was registered?

Picknetti was registered recently, on the date of 2023-01-05. This is another reason why it could be a fraudulent website.

If anyone was scammed as a result of buying from Picknetti?

Yes. numerous people have lost their cash due to buying products from the Picknetti online shopping site and we’ve already provided the examples above within this post.

What is the trust rating of the Picknetti shop?

Based on the study conducted by Scamadvisor the trust score for Picknetti is not high enough and is just 1 out of 100.

Do you think it is worth buying products from Pickentt website?

I highly suggest avoid these sites even if the site gets back in the game!

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