Tasker widgets not syncing with pushover and sharptools

Tasker widgets not syncing with pushover and sharptools We’re thrilled to announce SharpTools.io’s 105 dashboard and Rule Engine. SharpTools.io 105 dashboard and Rule Engine!

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I’ve noticed that, at random times, all the triggers on my profile cease to work.
If I look for triggers, I see that the events are being triggered in both SmartThings and SharpTools (main application) however the trigger isn’t triggered in Tasker (I created an application that monitors any changes made by SharpTools and then responds by toasting).
As soon when it ceases to function, it begins working once more.
To be clear, this can be seen running in the Amazon Fire Tablet with the permanent alert.
What tests that I can perform or logs I can share to resolve this problem?

It could also be the significant contributing factor. Tasker Event triggers Tasker Event triggers in the SharpTools Tasker Plugins that rely in the Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging service to enable events to be broadcast. Because Google Services don’t come with an Fire Tablet, I’m guessing that it’s been loaded on your device?

Try the suggestions in the next article to enhance your reliability with event reception by ensuring that both Tasker and SharpTools have been de-optimized with any features that save battery however, the problem mayfundamentally be due with Google Play Services not playing properly with Fire tablets. Fire tablet.

After I logged into my Tasker Plugins application I discovered that it’s taken off the Playstore due to the fact that Samsung is slated to shut down Groovy on September 1st. Are they actually closing it down? I was contemplating changing a few profiles from the profiles on my Tasker profile into sharptools.io 28 in the event that the phone stopped working a few years back, and I didn’t have one at the time, therefore profiles weren’t being completed, but they would have been if they were SharpTools.io 21. I am able to control my garage door using the location of my phone and Life360. Does this kind of thing work to be operated using SharpTools? I would think so, but I’d need to setup some Edge driver-based virtual switches. What an utter mess. It seems like I don’t have the enough time to re-design my life.

I guess it will be interesting to see the truth about whether they’ll actually reach this date however Mark Benson, Head of SmartThings US, mentioned it on the IoT podcast with Stacey Higginbotham 4 at around 40:00.

As you mentioned this, we’ve already launched the next generation of SharpTools.io connection with SmartThings available to users who are new users (which removes us from Groovy). The details are available in our SharpThings update to Groovy 95 blog.

If you have a device that is relevant that is part of SmartThings it is possible that you can make use of these devices within SharpTools.io 22 rules.

If you have custom profiles that are exclusive to Tasker and Tasker, you could make Tasker activate SharpTools rules with Rules HTTP Triggers 95. This is a impressive feature, as it allows you to continue using your Tasker profiles and modify them to trigger the Rule HTTP Trigger (and even add parameters). You can either save things to SharpTools Variables or connect those rules with Virtual Devices.

I understand this! It’s a big reason I decided to make sure that the message was out and get the app’s listing removed. It’s not a huge amount of work, however it’s also the first time that the app has been mentioned publicly by SmartThings officials. I wanted to make sure that people were able to be ahead of the curve before Groovy goes out of business!

Yeah, just noticed too that SharpTools widgets are not working…troubleshooting now

@joshua_lyon is this information to you?

It’s the very first time time I’ve seen of it, but I’m now looking into it. Have you ever tried making a new widget to determine if it will work?

Are the widgets not synchronizing all the time or are they slower to upgrade? This evening, I noticed that my home was slow to respond to events that were happening in the cloud, and I’d like you to rule out any the slowness.

Josh, SharpTools.io : Tasker widgets not syncing with pushover and sharptools

Just a quick update:

  • I have tried to create a brand new widget using my test account, and it seems to be sustaining the state in line with what I would expect.
  • The widgets on my main account before the hub/platform update appear to work just as I would have was expected.

Let me know if the newly developed widgets are able to function as you’d expect them to for.

@josh I have seen you here using an earlier version of Hubitat but I can’t find any mention of your own app. I utilize ST as well as Sharp Tools for a few things, but the most important is presence.

Can you provide an update about your strategy to get Sharp Tools to support Hubitat devices?

I’m currently working on creating an entirely new dashboard as well as other features on SharpTools.io 53 first. After I purchased the Hubitat hub I made the switch to port my SharpTools SmartApp code onto Hubitat and the API calls appeared to work. I’d need to come up with a solution to enable push events that is the core of widgets as well as Tasker events plugins. It would also be necessary to tweak the Android application to allow for an alternative authentication endpoint. In the near term it’s likely to be a cloud-based port, but over the long run, I’d it could be possible to tweak things in order to switch between local and remote endpoints. However,

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