Malta is a country on the Mediterranean Sea that has positioned it among the top places to visit for younger Europeans as well as people from all over the globe. Malta is one of the top options to experience an intriguing cultural experience.

It is comprised of a number of archipelagos. One that is notable is Gozo. Island of Gozo. It is the second-largest island in Malta and offers great tourist attractions as well as numerous options for activities on the island. Take note of the things to do and see on Gozo. Island of Gozo.


Mdzhar port

The first stop on this island’s port is Mdzhar. This is the main entry point to the island. It is where ferryboats arrive each day. It is recognized as one of the principal areas of commerce in the entire island. There are bars, restaurants, craft shops shopping, and tours. Visit this Gothic type church.

Dwejra Bay

Nearby to Dwejra Bay, the site in which scenes in the Game of Thrones series were shot. The peculiar shape of the bay that creates a unique scenery is the reason it’s an attractive tourist destination in the area.

On the same side of the bay is Fungus Rock that is a rock that is 60 meters high. The most unique aspect of it is that there’s a fungus resides on its surface, which is found only on the rock. The rock has been used to heal wounds.

Ta’ Pinu Basilica

The Ta Pinu Basilica is an important element of the soul of Malta. Because in this instance it is believed that the voice of Virgin Mary is heard. The event took place in a chapel located in the village of Gharb. It was in Gharb that this basilica was constructed. It’s a stunning sanctuary that was constructed in honour of The Virgin of Assumption. It has been visited by Pope John Paul II and Benedict VXI.

Calypso’s Cave

Nearby near Ramla Bay is one of the most iconic sites of Maltese tourism. Calypso’s Cave is the place in Greek mythology, that Ulysses was lured and taken captive by goddess Calypso. It is still remembered today by this fact however, it is also remembered for its beauty.

Ghasri Valley :

Ghasri Valley Ghasri Valley is an important area where the rock formations stick out, creating an amazing natural beauty. The strait that links the beach to the sea, and the crystal blue waters are perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

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