Hungary blocks €50bn of EU funding for Ukraine

Hungary is Blocking EUR50Billion of EU Aid for Ukraine After Membership Talks Agreement

Hungary blocks €50bn of EU funding for Ukraine has struck a blow at Ukraine by preventing 50 billion euros ($55 billion or PS43 billion) in EU aid, just moments after EU leaders came to an agreement to begin discussions on joining the EU with Ukraine. The Prime Secretary Viktor Orban announced the veto and cited opposition to the financial aid that was added to Ukraine. The aid talks are scheduled to resume in the beginning of next year, the move of Hungary raises questions about Ukraine’s capacity to defeat Russian forces without crucial EU and US financing.

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Discussions on Moldova’s Membership and Inclusion

The aid package was approved just a few days upon EU leaders unanimously decided to start talks for membership between Ukraine and Moldova in addition to the granting of the status of a candidate to Georgia. Despite Hungary’s close connections with Russia and its historical resistance to Ukraine’s accession but it didn’t veto the decision. Orban briefly left the negotiation room in the course of voting, describing it as a consensus-based and positive manner and the other 26 leaders took the decision.

Mixed Reactions as well as delayed US Defense Aid

the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was elated by the decision of the EU on joining talks as an “victory.” The Dutch Premier Mark Rutte expressed his confidence in reaching an agreement regarding aid in the early part of next year. The delay in US defense aid package’s approval, along with Ukraine’s ceaseless counter-offensive to Russian forces, further increases the difficulties facing Ukraine.

The EU’s Historic Move and Russian Mockery

The historic decision of the EU to begin talks on a possible accession was highly praised by top leaders such as German the Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Orban was dissident and declared Ukraine’s EU membership was a “bad move” and advocated against the large budgets in support of Ukraine in the EU. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin was a mockery of Ukraine and claimed that Western support is declining and calling it “freebies” which could soon end up being a waste.

Uncertain Road towards EU membership : Hungary blocks €50bn of EU funding for Ukraine

Although the EU’s decision represents an important step, the actual EU participation for Ukraine is still uncertain. The lengthy process involves the passing of reforms that meet EU standards in aspects like legality as well as the economy. The executive of the EU has acknowledged the achievements of Ukraine but has warned that discussions about joining the EU could be lengthy.

There is no ‘victory’ for Putin

Zelensky In a passionate plea via video earlier in the day, had informed his leaders “now will not be the right time for slackness or a pause”.

He warned that if Ukraine did not open discussions on membership with Ukraine could have the potential to be utilized to bolster the position of Putin “against your personal interests and also against the whole Europe”. Europe”.

“Don’t let him win this first and sole – win this year.” He urged.

Beyond Orban Other EU leaders also stressed the need for unity as well as to send a clear signal of solidarity with Ukraine who has had Washington’s support questioned by maneuvers within Washington’s US Congress.

The leaders announced that they had reached an agreement with the bloc to the 12th round of sanctions against Moscow and the lucrative diamond exports of Russia, and hoping to increase the price cap on oil.

However, the conditions on the field in Ukraine doesn’t look very promising for Kyiv after a counter-offensive in the summer which failed. Putin boasted that on Thursday there are 617,000 troops in Ukraine and the positions of his troops are getting better.

Over in Brussels in the NATO headquarters Secretary-General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO must keep supporting Ukraine to safeguard Europe. Europe.

“If Putin wins in Ukraine the country, there is a an extremely high chance that his aggression will not stop there. Our support for Ukraine is not charity but rather an investment into our safety,” he said.

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